Advancements in Biotechnology

Genetics and biotechnology have dramatically expanded throughout the last twenty-five years, powered by our understanding of DNA and the way fragments of genetic code could also be analyzed, combined and exploited. Modern biotechnology has the potential to well advance the feasibleness, structure, and potency of future biofuel supply chains. Recent advancements in the field of biotechnology can underpin our economy and provide solutions to intractable issues of human and animal diseases, climate change, fuel alternatives, food security in addition as improving our quality of life.Modern Biotechnology Techniques in Medicinal Field and Industries

  • Modern Biotechnology Techniques in Medicinal Field and Industries
  • Novel proteomic tools
  • Biopulping and bioleaching
  • Biotechnology and Modern Agriculture
  • Advancements in Gene Therapy
  • Future Research Directions in Biotechnology

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