Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology

Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology Photo

Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology is the use of science and engineering for the development of diagnostics, culture technology in non-traditional species and production of vaccines, Marine pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, bio-adhesives, bio-flocculent, bio-surfactants, medical implants. By attending the conference, you can learn new feed development, fish nutrition, breeding and reproduction, value addition for enhancement of aquaculture productivity, biopolymers, bio-plastics, Novel enzymes, Biosensors and Bioremediation. Join us to know more regarding this topic at Biotechnology Congress.

  • Environmental Applications of Aquatic Biotechnology
  • Marine Animal Health
  • Algal Biology and their Applications
  • Marine Natural Products and their Medical Potential
  • Marine Organisms in Terrestrial Agriculture
  • Marine Bioactive Compounds
  • Oceanography

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