Bio products and Bioenergy

The energy trapped by the plants and the other organic material can be used to obtain energy with the agreement to the thermodynamic second law: Energy can neither be created nor be Destroyed but we can transfer it from the unusable to a usable form in an environmental friendly way. The Bioenergy produce less harm to the environment and safeguard very natural resource of the world. The methane gas obtained from organic waste will yield electricity, but this is comparatively less when compared with the Conventional method of energy generation. The enhancement in the research has to be done to meet the needs of the World Population.

  • Biomass and Energy Production
  • Biopolymers and Green Chemicals
  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Biodegradable nets & glass fibre
  • Isobutene Production
  • Surgical Glue
  • Agricultural Waste to Biofuel

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