Bioinformatics and Biosensor

The development of biosensors has been the center of scientist's attention for recent times. Biosensors will essentially function low-priced and extremely efficient devices for for the detection of an analyte and additionally to being used in other day to day applications. The unprecedented growth of computer science and biotechnology has quickly spawned specialised research groups and industries. The bioinformatics market is broadly classified on the premise of sectors, products and services, application and geography. The bioinformatics market is divided into genomics, chemoinformatics & drug design, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and molecular phylogenetics. Genomics is anticipated to be the fastest growing application phase throughout the forecast period.

  • Sequence Retrieval from Databases
  • Sequence Similarity Search
  • Protein Sequence and Structure Analysis
  • Enzyme Kinetics and Enzyme Activity Analysis
  • Molecular Phylogeny

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