Bioinformatics and Biosensor

Bioinformatics and Biosensor Photo

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science that combines computer science, biology, mathematics and engineering. The goal of this session in Biotechnology Congress 2018 is to understand the advances in structural bioinformatics ,bioinformatics tools & software ,sequence analysis, data mining, computational evolutionary biology, human genome project, network and system biology, analysis of cellular organization , applications of Biosensors in food analysis ,drug development, crime detection ,medical diagnosis in both clinical & laboratory use ,quality control, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and replacement organs. DNA biosensor, microbial biosensor and ozone biosensor, bio transducers used in biosensors.

  • Functional Genomics, Proteomics
  • Sequence Analysis and Databases and Data Management
  • Bioinformatics Tools & Software
  • Computational Evolutionary Biology
  • Image Analysis and Visualization
  • Health and Medical Informatics
  • Applications of Biosensor in Medical Diagnosis, Food Analysis and Drug Development

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