Bioprocess Engineering

Bioprocess engineering enables the transition of biotechnology into bulk bioproducts. It deals with the design and development of equipment and processes for the manufacturing of products such as agriculture, feed, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nutraceuticals, polymers and paper from biological materials & treatment of wastewater. The goal of this session is to understand the fermentation process, new product development such as industrial chemicals, cultivation of microorganisms, upstream and downstream bioreactors, production of transgenic plants, bioreactor design & development and various biotechnological processes used in industries for large-scale production of biological product for optimization of yield in the end product and the quality of end product.

  • Bioprocess and Product Development
  • Bioprocess separation techniques
  • Bioprocess control and Safety
  • Biological Systems and Models
  • Food and Beverage Testing
  • Fuel Development technology
  • Analytical Development for Novel Biotherapeutics
  • Advanced cellular therapeutics
  • Upstream and Downstream Bioprocessing

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