Bioproducts and Bioenergy

Bioproducts or bio-based materials are products created with some constituent of biological or renewable materials. The developing bio-economy offers the potential to contribute considerably to the overall economies across the world. Additionally, biobased product analysis & development offers economic, environmental and health advantages. In 2018, Canada is a recognized international leader in the development of a bio-based economy providing foreign investors with distinct competitive advantages over other international destinations.   Bioenergy could be a versatile renewable energy supply – 14 % out of 18% renewables in the energy mix that supplies 100 percent of worldwide energy supply. Countries with a high share of renewables even have a high share of bioenergy in their energy mix. Discuss how climate change and energy independence are major drivers for bioenergy development.

  • Bioproducts and Economy
  • Renewable energy -Sunlight, Wind, Rain, Tide, and geothermal heat
  • Types and Conversion of Biomass
  • Bioproducts and Modern Agriculture
  • Biopolymers and Green Chemicals
  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Biosynthesis of food additives
  • Biodegradable nets & glass fiber

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