Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering

Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Photo

Biotechnology is the vast field that uses scientific methods with organisms to produce new forms of organisms or new products for industrial, agricultural, medical and scientific purposes. It includes genetic manipulation & DNA recombinant technology of organisms to produce Insulin, hormones, antibiotics, human albumin, monoclonal antibodies and many drugs for previously untreatable diseases also. To discover and explore the recent researches and on-going projects in the different region, join your peers at Biotechnology Congress 2018. Bioprocess engineering enables the transition of biotechnology into bulk bioproducts. The goal of this session is to understand the fermentation process, new product development such as industrial chemicals, cultivation of microorganisms, upstream and downstream bioreactors, production of transgenic plants, bioreactor design and development.

  • Bioreactor Design, Instrumentation, Control and Automation
  • Recombinant Products Development
  • Cultivation of Micro Organisms
  • Upstream and Downstream Bioreactors
  • Bio Separation and Bio Purification
  • Bio Catalysis & Biotransformation
  • Advances in High Cell Density Fermentation

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