Cell Biology and Immunology

Cell Biology and Immunology Photo

Immunology measures the physiological functioning of the immune system in states of both health and diseases that have applications in the enormous field such as organ transplantation, dermatology, virology, bacteriology, parasitology and oncology. This session focus on advances in cellular immunology, classical immunology, clinical immunology, developmental immunology, immune-therapy, immune- genetics, innate and adaptive immunity, immune responses to pathogens and receptors & their functions, immune-pathology, CD nomenclature and major histocompatibility. Join us to expand your knowledge on this session Biotechnology Congress 2018, at Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Immunological Techniques
  • Innate and Adaptive Immunity
  • CD Nomenclature and Major histocompatibility
  • Biology of Single Cell Organisms
  • Receptors & their Functions
  • Function & Organization of Cell membrane
  • Post-Translational Modifications & their Regulation

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