Food Biotechnology and Nutritional Biotechnology

Food Biotechnology and Nutritional Biotechnology Photo
Recently many advances in food industry represent the great role of food biotechnology achieved with the application of technology such as food preservation, food processing, canning, fermentation and modification of genes of plants, animals and microorganisms to reach current market level. Nutritional biotechnology describes nutrition process as well as the components of food, the balance of nutrition in food and their reaction in health and improves global food security that would interest in both the developing and developed countries. Learn more about the importance of nutritional biotechnology and its techniques join us at biotechnology Congress, at Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Food Processing and Preservation Techniques
  • Food Packaging Technologies
  • Food Additives and Unhealthiness
  • Food Management and Applications in Food Industry
  • Non-Thermal Food Processing
  • Dietary Management
  • Nutrition and Human Behavior

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