Food Biotechnology

To meet with the food requirement of the growing population the food contamination has to be eliminated and the shelf life of the food has to be increased. This can be achieved by means of food processing with enzymes. Food biotechnology has grown to a level to delay the dehydration of fruits by spraying the water-soluble powder over the fruits.  The animal meat can be obtained from the cell culture without killing the animals. The kitchen ingredient can be synthesized in the mini-Bioreactor and the condition of the meat is analyzed by the app. By providing the Simultaneous Microwave and Pasteurisation, the rate of exposure to the high temperature is decreased with enhanced taste and nutrient quality. Followed by genetically engineered cabbage in Sweden and the pigs were engineered to produce the less fat and high nutrient. All the research has the primary aim of enhancing the quality of food. As there is a continuous evolution in this field, we would like to bring your research to light for a better understanding.

  • Food Nutrition
  • Food Processing
  • Enzymes to enhance the food quality
  • Apps to detect the quality of food
  • Innovative products of Food Biotechnology
  • Enzymes used in Food Industry
  • Food Packaging
  • Insect as an Animal Feed
  • Xanthan pruni as a food additive

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