Genetic Engineering and rDNA technology

Genetic Engineering and rDNA technology Photo

Genetic engineering is the developing field with the collection of scientific techniques and technologies that modify the characteristics of an organism by genetic manipulation. This session will focus on future research in the production of vaccines, higher production of milk by cows, microbial arts, Genetically modified organisms, plants and Transgenic trees by novel genetic engineering techniques. Recombinant DNA technology is aspects in genetic engineering that values to medicine (screening test, diagnosis of molecular diseases, prenatal diagnosis), agriculture (plants that resist drought & diseases, increased yield of crops) and industry (food additives, flavour enhancers, nutritive value) forensic medicine, transgenesis.

  • Vaccine Production Techniques
  • Diagnosis of Molecular Diseases
  • Gene Cloning Systems
  • Production of Recombinant Proteins
  • Genetic Engineering and Forensic Medicine
  • Mutation Analysis

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