Microbes are the base of evolution and they are now evolving to be resistant for the drugs which make the Pharma Industry in agitation. Along with this identification of novel microbes, every day left the world in fear. On the other hand, with the complete sequence of the microbial genome, the scientist can make use of the microbe to produce the novel useful products of their interest, which are not usually produced by them. The Scientist has formulated the Virus Cocktail to selectively eliminate the pathogenic bacteria without disturbing the beneficial bacteria in the gut to treat Food poisoning. To culminate the research on all the areas of Microbiology we have arranged the platform to discuss your knowledge in this field.

  • Drug resistant Microorganism
  • Virology
  • Bioremediation
  • Fungal Biotechnology
  • Plant Microbiology
  • Animal Microbiology
  • Single cell Protein
  • Probiotics in Skin care

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