Plant Biotechnology and Agricultural Biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology and Agricultural Biotechnology Photo

Plant Biotechnology entails applying technology on plants to adapt specific needs by the development of in vitro tissue/ cell culture system, plant pathology and Genetically modified crops. Agricultural biotechnology uses to manipulate plants to resist against temp, disease, insect and herbicide tolerance by doing recent crop modification tech like mutagenesis, protoplast fusion, RNA fusion, genome editing, Transgenics. Gather at biotechnology Congress on this session to learn more about current technologies.

  • Crop Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Agriculture Machinery
  • Microbial Diversity; Bio-Monitoring
  • Development of in Vitro Tissue/ Cell Culture System
  • Plant Physiology and Cultivation
  • Plant Pathology and Photobiology
  • Genetically Modified Crops /Plants

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