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 Arvydas Tamulis
Arvydas Tamulis
Vilnius University

Arvydas Tamulis has completed his PhD at the age of 30 years at Vilnius University. He was senior researcher in Vilnius University Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy. A. Tamulis published 239 scientific publications: 5 chapters of books, 18 chapters of NATO ARW books, 129 scientific articles in refereed issues (77 of them in the ISI Web of Science list, 52 of them in the journals possessing an impact factor). Present research fields are: Quantum Effects in Molecular Systems of Brain and Quantum Entanglement in BioSystems. Present employment: From March 2013 to present: Independent expert for the European Commission, Brussels. 2017-2018 -Member of Advisory Board of Italian APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research) Horizon 2020 project EFFECT. A. Tamulis worked as visiting scientist: at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (1992), at the ISSECC-CNR, Florence (1996), at Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Berlin (1997), at CEA Saclay, Gif sur Yvette, France (1998, 1999), at University of California, Davis (2000), at U.S. Kirtland Air Force Research Laboratory (2001), at Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA (2002-2003, 2005). A. Tamulis is founding member European Centre for Living Technologies, see: A. Tamulis participated in more than 150 international scientific conferences and presented up to 70 oral presentations.

Research Interest

Molecular Biology, Quantum Biology, Origin of Life, Artificial Life,

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