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Claudio Nicolini received the Doctoral degree in Physics from the University of Padua, in 1967. In 1985, he was called as “eminent scientist” to the Chair of Biophysics of the University of Genoa, in Italy until 2012, where he was successively Director of Biophysics Institute, DISTBIMO, and CIRSDNNOB. From 1993 until now is Life President of the Fondazione ELBA Nicolini and of the Nanoworld Institute. On 2008, he was elected as a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and on 2010 Honoris Causa Professor of Biophysics and Nanobiotechnology at Moscow State University. He received several awards and prizes and has authored more than 480 publications in international scientific journals (SCI), 28 books and Series Editor in Bioelectronics (Plenum) and Nanobiotechnology (Pan Stanford). His main scientific activities concerned cancer research, biophysics, and nanotechnology, pioneering world-wide chromatin structure-function, bioelectronics, and nanobiotechnology. Achievements include more than 24 International Patents for protein thin films and compositions for use in their preparation, potentiometric biosensors, control and applications thereof, biosensor and method and instrument for deposition of alternating monomolecular layers; patents for the methodology for the accelerated grown of proteins crystals on thin protein, Anodic Porous Alumina.

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