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Allied academies proudly presents the three-day, 4th International Conference on Advances in Biotechnology and its applications on  March 23-25, 2023 in Paris, France where participants from across the world are asked to demonstrate their biotechnology knowledge, skills, and research expertise.

The theme and focus of Biotechnology 2023 are “Evaluation of modern biotechnology applications" where participants can present research ideas through oral presentations, poster presentations, and video presentations on all aspects

 The Biotechnology 2023 provides the perfect platform for scientists, researchers, young researchers, industrial delegations, student groups, and citizens to exchange and learn about recent breakthroughs in fields such as  Plant biotechnology , Algal biotechnology ,Genetic engineering ,Food technology ,Nanotechnology, Stem cell research, Aqua and Marine culture biotechnology, Pharmaceutical biotechnology, Protein engineering, Bioengineering , Industrial biotechnology , Biochemistry , Reproductive biotechnology , Climate change  and its effects  , Devices and Diagnostics , Animal Biotechnology , Environmental biotechnology , Industrial biotechnology , Biochemistry , Reproductive biotechnology , Bio manufacturing, Microbiology.

At this event, participants will have the chance to learn about current developments in the biotechnology area, take part in conversations about topics of shared interest, and establish new professional relationships, partnerships, and collaborations. Participants in the advances in biotechnology would be equipped with the knowledge necessary to incorporate sustainable practices into the creation of beneficial goods and technologies for humanity.

We hope that the  Biotechnology 2023 conference will tremendously enhance our understanding of the most cutting-edge scientific fields related to biotechnology.

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