CRISPR Cas 9 and its Application

The bacteria have the capacity to use the intron less 13kbp-14Mbp. With comparatively short genome the bacteria fascinate the scientific world by the continuous identification of novel enzymes. One such intelligent product of Bacteria is CRISPR-Cas 9 which is an enzyme and can selectively degrade the invading virus and helps the Bacteria to survive. selective identification of the foreign DNA can be achieved by the single guide RNA (gRNA) is the genetic element of the invading Organism and that was injected into the bacterial genome and the sequence which is complementary to the gRNA gets cut by this system. This CRISPR has an alternative sequence of Cas 9. The cas9 is a digestive enzyme which can digest the double standard DNA of the foreign organism and let them subject to the genetic modification. With the CRISPR it is possible to treat the genetic disorders and gene therapy where the defective gene can be replaced with the correct sequence of the DNA. The application of CRISPR on humans will have a high ethical issue.

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